Kibale forest National Park

It has always been said that in Uganda, everyday is primates day and Kibale Forest National Park will give you this satisfaction. The forest has its highest peak of 1590m and lowest 1100(in the rift valley) above sea level.


Kibale is known to have the largest concentration of primates in Africa with 13 different primate species including the Chimpanzee, Uganda Mangabey, Uganda red colubus, black and white colubus and the Blue monkey which makes it the perfect destination for a primate safari. The park has more than just primates as it boasts of 70 other mammal species many of which come all the way from Queen Elizabeth national park including; Red and blue duikers, Bushbucks, Sitatungas, Bush pips, Giant forest hogs, Common warthogs, African Buffalo. The carnivores include; Leopards, African golden cats, serval cats, different mongooses and lions occasionally visit the park.

With over 325 bird species, Kibale NP is prolific birding haven with special birds including Olive long tailed cuckoo, Western tinkerbird, 2 species of pittas(African and green breasted), Grey parrot and the Ground thrush which is endemic to Kibale NP.

The park is a key ecosystem research site for topics including wild pigs and fish species and of course the primate. Kibale has elephants roaming all the way from Queen Elizabeth National Park looking for food and water.


Primate tracking:

Primate tracking is the most popular tracking in Kibale National park. The park has the highest population of chimpanzee world wide. This is not limited to primates as the park has over 70 other mammal and bird species Primate tracking permits can be secured prior to the trip with the Uganda Wildlife Authority while planning your Ntungo safaris guided tour.

Bigodi wetland sanctuary

The Bigodi wetland sanctuary was gazetted to protect the Magombe swamp. The Bigodi walk has the true edge of a nature walk, community walk and forest walk all combined as one. The endless birding options including the Papyrus gonolek and white-winged warbler, speak of two birds and a stone and this is your cup of tea.. It is also a great place for spotting butterflies.


With over 115 bird species, Bigodi wetland system is bound to give unforgettable birding views with species including the brown throated wattle-eye, Hairy breasted barbet, Black and white shrike-flycatcher among many others.

Community walk:

Kibale Forest national park is surrounded by two tribes; the Kiga and Toro. Cultural tours give a detailed interaction with these tribes, watching their cultural presentations, taking part in basket weaving presentations and and visiting cultural sites like Mabeere ga nyinamwiru and the palace of Toro kingdom.


Kibale NP can be accessed by road through Fortportal to Kanyanchu.

It can also be accessed by booking at Entebbe airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Kasese which is 3 hours from the park.




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Kibale forest lodge

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