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What to do on a short stay in Kigali, Rwanda

Visiting Rwanda can be quite the experience for a long awaited vacation. The serene environment, clean streets and welcoming nature of the people will draw you in quickly. But what about the short-stay visitors coming into the city for meetings and work? Well of course, a quick one day itinerary to the volcanoes National Park

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Travel Blog 21

9 Most Visited Places in Uganda

Uganda is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most visited Safari destinations and it is without a doubt a wonder to revere. Uganda’s unique summer-like weather which stretches throughout the year, its unbelievable terrain and ever-green vegetation has tourists falling in love with the Pearl of Africa. Today, we highlight some of the must see and most

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Travel Blog 23

Traveling With Children On Safari In Uganda

Now that covid is out of the way…kind of, travel is back on the menu and we are here for it. The worldwide lockdown inevitably led to Covid babies (oops) meant an increase in babies being born. Although there wasn’t necessarily a baby boom in the world as earlier expected, it is safe to say

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Travel Blog 25

9 Amazing Facts About The African Elephant

One of the big five animals, the African elephant is commonly found in African savanna parks and some forests. This blog brings you the reason why the elephant is our pick today and we bring you 9 amazing facts about them. Follow with us to learn more about the African elephants.  My first encounter with

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Ssese Islands;A Beautiful Destination In Uganda

Here goes our trip to Ssesse Islands on the mighty Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest freshwater lake, serving 3 countries within East Africa. She gives water and life to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. To grasp the aurora of this trip, one must gaze upon the sky from the hind deck of the MV Vanessa. As she

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Travel Blog 29

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Uganda’s Most Visited National Park!

On the 9th of October, 2020, Ntungo wildlife safaris Ltd set off for their trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park- Uganda’s most visited national park. After a very thorough planning process, this was a very exciting undertaking. At 7:30 AM, with everyone present at our assembly point, we set off for Fort Portal. We were

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