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Uganda’s Traditional Art And Craft Industry

The beauty of the Pearl of Africa surpasses its natural flora, fauna and landscapes, and includes her Peoples, their cultures historical background. One peripheral aspect of Uganda’s uniqueness lies in her traditional Arts and Crafts. And there is no better place to experience this, than in the remote country sides, were modern technologies have had

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One Stone, Two birds, Three weeks

The thought of waking up to the sight of grazing zebras and water bucks has always been a dream to me. But there I was, living that dream, at one of Uganda’s Wildest habitats; Lake Mburo National Park. It is now a memorable highlight of my 3 weeks Equipment training course as a certified tour

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Celebrating Uganda’s Culture

Uganda is a small country with a population of about forty million people all of different races, religions, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. Despite the presence of many languages, numerous tribes and foreign intrusion, Uganda’s culture highly remains undefiled. This is a reason why it is worthy to be celebrated. Language is a key element of

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Tourism Once Loved, Always Cherished

Like two souls grown inseparably in love, it took me a while, before I discovered my enchantment for tourism. Uganda is my Delilah. Her natural endowments splendidly undulate, and interlace to form some of the finest spectacles. Like that village belle whose beauty is the talk among the folks, Uganda has something for everyone. No

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A Birding Expert And The Haunted Well!

Uganda is awash with marvels. For me, it has always been her birds! There is something spectacular about them. One stroll with me, and you will surely catch this fascination that I have for them. Enlivening! And it wasn’t always this way. Not so long ago, I was a graduate teacher of Mathematics and Physics.

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