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Celebrating Uganda’s Culture

Uganda is a small country with a population of about forty million people all of different races, religions, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. Despite the presence of many languages, numerous tribes and foreign intrusion, Uganda’s culture highly remains undefiled. This is a reason why it is worthy to be celebrated. Language is a key element of

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Tourism Once Loved, Always Cherished

Like two souls grown inseparably in love, it took me a while, before I discovered my enchantment for tourism. Uganda is my Delilah. Her natural endowments splendidly undulate, and interlace to form some of the finest spectacles. Like that village belle whose beauty is the talk among the folks, Uganda has something for everyone. No

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A Birding Expert And The Haunted Well!

Uganda is awash with marvels. For me, it has always been her birds! There is something spectacular about them. One stroll with me, and you will surely catch this fascination that I have for them. Enlivening! And it wasn’t always this way. Not so long ago, I was a graduate teacher of Mathematics and Physics.

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Still About The Pearl Of Africa; 10 Key Things About Uganda

Uganda; The pearl of Africa is located in East Africa and has a lot to offer for both local and international visitors. But before your takeoff for Uganda, you need to know the following. 1.Language Luganda is the most popular Native Language. It is widely spoken and can be easily understood in all parts of

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Uganda, the Pearl Of Africa

This country is home to the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains, Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake, sprawling savanna, the misty forests, good and friendly people truly gained the title for Pearl of Africa. The home to a vast array of wildlife, flora, landscape, lakes and rivers, and finger-licking-good food! Uganda an East African country

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