10 Amazing Facts About Uganda

10 Amazing Facts About Uganda 7

Uganda; The pearl of Africa is located in East Africa and has a lot to offer for both local and international visitors. The write up will mention about Uganda’s national parks and much more, but before your board that flight for Entebbe, you need to know the following.

Luganda is the most popular Native Language. It is widely spoken and can be easily understood in all parts of Uganda. English, however, is the official language and the majority of Ugandans speak it adequately. Swahili is yet another commonly spoken language, especially across the East African region. What’s even better, Ugandans are always willing to teach you their local languages, which number to more than 56.

General security
Uganda’s security is generally good. Since1986, albeit some violent insurgencies in pockets of the country, peace and stability have been undisturbed. The tourist attractions are all situated in safe-to-visit regions. This is apart from the unavoidable pickpockets who especially dwell in urban places. As you visit places like Owino market, your Ntungo Safaris guide cannot fail to remind you to jealously protect your bags.

Weather in Uganda
Unlike some countries that have different weather conditions like: summer, winter, spring and autumn, Uganda has rainy and sunny weather conditions but mostly dominated by the sunny weather that is easier understood as summer by tourists. This weather is favorable to most
tourists because it enables them have activities like sun bathing at the beautiful beaches around Lake Victoria. It is best to visit during the dry season in the months of June July, August, September, January and February. Especially for those looking to make the most of the scenery. It is when the wildlife is at its best.

Uganda’s Food
Just like the weather, Uganda is blessed with a variety of food both local and international foods like the very famous rolex made from a chappati and eggs, malewa made from bamboo trees, gonja (plantain) then also pasted foods from the northern region of Uganda like boo and malakwang. A visit to any Ugandan market will prove to you that food is always fresh and available. The prices are actually quite friendly so you probably will indulge in this.

People in Uganda
People from Uganda are called Ugandans and are very friendly and hospitable in nature. I give you assurance that by the time you leave, you will have at least two friends.

This varies from private forms of transportation to more public means like bodabodas (motor bikes) which are all over the city. Other transport modes include the tuktuk and taxis known as cabs to most people worldwide. It is mostly a minibus(matatu) with the potential to carry upto 14 passengers for as little as 1 dollar from Entebbe to Kampala. And what is a better way to live a day in the shoes of a Ugandan than to ask for your change at the top of your lungs?

 Dress code
Ugandans in general are decent with clothing and smart. During the week people are generally well dressed for work and over the weekends in casual smart as well as smell great. Endeavour to carry a decent set of clothes on your visit out of respect for the local people. The ladies
Always have more than tiny shorts since these are considered quite indecent.

Uganda’s nightlife is not to ever be forgotten. City dwellers party all day, all night in almost every corner of every major town. Fun events and gatherings have been donned pretty names and have not failed to catch on and makes it difficult to differentiate between week days and
weekends in Kampala because people party on a daily. There are major events you ought not to miss including: the famous Nyege Nyege, Blankets and wines, Roast and Rhyme to mention just a few. Nightclubs range from high class party places for socialites and celebrities like club Guvnor, Icon Lounge and Wave lounge to low budget/class party places the local or ordinary Ugandan and the Afrobeat music is to die for.

Shopping and haggling.
There is no such thing as a final price. If you have the time, go ahead and haggle but put all your Energy to the table. You might even want to walk away if your seller won’t accept your price. Chances are that they might call you back. Bargaining is a large part of Uganda’s shopping
Experience and it is always worth it.

Uganda’s National Parks

10 Amazing Facts About Uganda 9Like her alias “the pearl of Africa”, Uganda is endowed with beautiful fauna and flora attractions. She is also lined by some spectacular landscapes like the Mount Elgon and snow capped Rwenzori mountains, the beautiful national parks like: Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchision falls National park, Lake Mburo National park, Kibale Forest National Park the Primate capital of Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home to mountain Gorillas, Mgahinga National Park and Kidepo National Park which is one of the few surviving wilderness in Africa. You are assured of great views of the water bodies Uganda has, World’s longest River; River Nile, River Nile source, Lake Victoria, Sipi falls, Murchison falls, Ssezibwa falls, crater lakes and many other water bodies you may sight in the parks and enroute. Uganda’s green vegetation will leave you enthralled! Green all year around. Look out for the hills as you transit through the various parts of the country.


Uganda's national parks



Uganda happens to be one of the best bird havens in Africa, with a whopping 50% of Africa’s bird population. As you drive through the country, you will have chances to see quite a number of them. these range from Water birds, Forest birds, garden birds, Albertine rift endemics and migratory birds too.


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March 23, 2020
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